NOTE: This project is not limited to Millennial and Millennial-adjacent poets. Writers of all ages are welcome to submit.

During uncertain and devastating times such as these, poetry can be especially powerful in connecting us through a universal human experience. With so many cities, states/provinces, and countries hunkering down during this unprecedented modern pandemic, we figure that many (if not all) writers will be trying to record and work through this strange new normal. We here at Fearsome Critters are such people!

With that in mind, we are opening submissions for our first ever online zine! Submissions will be free for the first 250 submitters each month (Submittable's rule, not ours). Please submit no more than 3 poems, either as a single document or as separate documents, by May 23. These poems should directly deal with life under quarantine during this COVID-19 outbreak. Please do not submit anything unrelated. We cannot financially compensate contributors, but all rights will revert back to the respective authors upon publication. This zine will be free to the public and available June 1.

Fearsome Critters